Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hawaii Mountain Apple Blossoms

Blooming with such brilliant red, the Mountain Apple Blossoms are gorgeous to look at. We have a Mountain Apple tree in our yard and I love the delicate red blossoms. It's interesting that once these tendril-like petals fall, the fruits will grow from the base of the blossoms. If you drive to Hana, you can see many wild Mountain Apple trees along the way, but may not notice them unless they are blossoming or fruiting.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buzzworthy from Invitation Buzz

Invitation Buzz's recent feature included my letterpress printed poppy cards as well as fine stationery from other wonderful print shops. Invitation Buzz showcases a variety of paper products for every occasion. Thank you, Invitation Buzz!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Letterpress Cards Share Aloha

These are recently printed cards featuring lovely red hibiscus and delicate Mountain Apple blossoms. Although the yellow hibiscus is Hawaii's state flower, the red hibiscus seems more common in many parks, gardens, and neighborhoods. We have a Mountain Apple tree in our yard and I love to look at the rich red blossoms that resemble the lehua. The Mountain Apple blossoms precede the juicy red fruits to come. The tendril-like blossoms eventually fall and carpet the ground, and the fruits will then begin to grow. In a few months, we should have some luscious ruby red mountain apples to eat. It will be delicious, or as we say in Hawaii, "Some ono!"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Featuring Robin's Flight

With a talent for crocheting and sewing, Robin of Robin's Flight opened her shop on Etsy to offer her lovely and unique bags, wallets, organizers, and card or gadget holders. What began as a hobby eventually evolved into Robin's Etsy shop. Like the robin in the children's book, Ickle Bickle Robin," Robin decided to "fly" on her own and explore the world of creating and offering her handmade items in her own shop.

Robin loves to crochet and sew and also finds the process of creating patterns and designing enjoyable. " I like the pattern creation most-- putting it all together and watching it turn from yarn and fabric into something functional and pretty." Of the many items that Robin has created, among her favorites are an espresso and cream belted bag and the red and brown buckle handle bag that also serves as her avatar. They have a classic appearance and are unique at the same time.

As a shop owner, Robin's love of crafting, organizing, and being flexible are qualities that help to strengthen her success. "My ability to go with the flow lets me be flexible and not get too bent out of shape when things don't go the way I expect, in my shop and in life in general." With that kind of optimistic attitude, Robin's Flight should soar! You can see more of Robin's crocheted and sewn merchandise at Robin's Flight on Etsy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gyotaku, Art of Japanese Fish Printing

Gyotaku is the ancient art of Japanese fish printing. Japanese fisherman would make prints of their fish as a record of their prized fishing catches for the day. Gyo means "fish" and taku is "rubbing." The fish is inked and traditionally was printed on thin washi paper. Besides being a letterpress printer, I also am a paper maker and have tried my hand at making gyotaku prints on my handmade paper, but my initial results were not very promising. Today, there are many gyotaku artists who reveal the awesome beauty of fish and other sealife through their work. The photos above are gyotaku prints from Etsy shop owners: GyotakubyNaoki ( and Odessa Kelley (, and fishfanatic (