Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fresh Golden Green Bamboo Leaves Personalized Letterpress Stationery

Hand illustrated and newly printed, these golden green bamboo leaves are delicate and fresh. You can almost see them swaying in the breeze.

I love the gracefulness of bamboo leaves and when hiking in bamboo forests, the soft rustling of the leaves are like a sweet lullaby, so calm and soothing.

On a visit to Japan, I enjoyed seeing how they used every part of the bamboo. The sheaths of the bamboo are used as beautiful natural wrappings for gifts.

The stalk is used to create flutes and handmade art as well as natural water fountains, and woven into baskets and other creative work. Tender bamboo shoots, takenoko, are also eaten and savored.

The photo to the right shows the Japanese creativity in using the natural beauty of the bamboo sheaths as a wrapper. The top photo is real bamboo sheath; the bottom is a reproduction and looks so real. ( From Japan's pingmag. Sadly, this wonderful site is not currently being updated).

New Personalized Letterpress Hawaiian Kalo Leaves

Newly created and letterpress printed Hawaiian kalo or taro leaves. 
These newly printed personalized letterpress cards feature Hawaii's treasured kalo or taro leaves. Considered to be the staple of life, kalo played a vital role in the Native Hawaiian's kumulipo, creation story. For more than a thousand years, kalo has been cultivated to make poi, a staple of the Native Hawaiian diet. It was also used as medicine, dye for kapa, adhesive, and bait for fish.

Today, kalo continues to be grown and cherished by many who live in the islands for its sustenance and rich cultural heritage.