Thursday, September 22, 2011

Newly Printed Letterpress Stationery Wildflowers

My new personalized letterpress stationery features these whimsical wildflowers. I hand illustrated these wildflowers with Illustrator and had the image processed into a magnesium plate. Hand mixed some transparent ink, Pantone Green and Process Blue to create this lovely aqua blue and it matches the aqua envelopes wonderfully. Applied some ink to the press ink plate, prepared the mag plate for printing in the chase and then printed the wildflowers. Followed that with a second printing for the personalized name with individual hand set lead type. I love to print with different shades of blue, perhaps because of the beautiful blue Hawaiian sky that we see almost every day of the year. These cards and many other personalized stationery are offered at my Aloha Letterpress shop.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Personalized Letterpress Cards Leafy Tangerine Orange

Hot off the press! These personalized letterpress cards feature a lovely leafy branch in tangerine orange. I hand illustrated the leaves, had the image processed into a plate, and then hand set the Keynote lead type for the name. Seems like an autumn color although we don't really see a great change in seasons here in Hawaii. It's like summer all year long!