Saturday, November 6, 2010

My "Romance" with the Bamboo Forest

These are the two poems I wrote in the book. Yes, we have bamboo forests in Hawaii although you'd think it's more likely in Asian countries. Every summer, some friends and I go and visit these beautiful bamboo forests. The peace and solitude refreshes the spirit as the breeze dances with the bamboo leaves. I also made some paper using some bamboo fibers mixed in with some other fibers.

Bamboo Night


with the wind,

they bathe their

sleek bodies

as rain falls.

Leafy arms glisten,

fingers beckon

as they dance

with the silver moonlight.

Singing to the spirits

of the forest,

Voices tangle

with the mountain breeze.

Tasting the earth,

they drink the rain,

stretching their arms

to the sky

until the stars

shower down

upon them.

Bamboo Day

The morning sun raises it head,

casting sleepy grey clouds away.

The road to Hana

twists and turns

like currents of the sea.

Golden hau blossoms, ferns,

ruby red mountain apples

shimmer in the sunlight.

Trudging up

the jutted road,

sentinels of ginger,

hau, kukui, bamboo

lead the way.

Deep in the forest,


live in solitude,

a quilt of leaves

at their feet.

They gather and pray

to the earth,

wind, rain, sea,

moon and sun,

chanting in the

morning light.

(I'm sorry about the formatting of the poems. I tried to place it into two columns, but that didn't work out.)


  1. How evocative and perfect for a dos a dos book structure. It also makes me want to visit Hawaii again!

  2. Thanks, Clare! Yes, I think this is really paradise. I like to get away from the hustle and bustle and going out to the country area is quite beautiful. I'm sure there are places like that where you live,too.

  3. What lovely prose, Linda!! You've a gift, no doubt. :-)

  4. Thank you, MidnightGypsyLuxe. So kind of you.