Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh, Baby! Customized Letterpress Baby Shower Invitations

Customized letterpress printed Baby Shower Invitations with a ZOOPER message!  For a very special customized touch, your baby shower invitations can be printed in two inked colors of your preference and your own text. Please contact me through my Aloha Letterpress Etsy shop for more information.

Two letterpress plates were used for these cards, one for the text and one for the adorable giraffe, bear and lion.
I print each card twice, once for the text and then again for the images.  Inks are specially hand mixed to the colors of your choice. My antique Chandler Price printing press creates a lovely impression of text and images for a deliciously delightful invitation that you can see, feel and touch. Each card is hand printed one card at a time on plush white 100% cotton paper with cover stock weight and a slight texture.  I had such fun designing and printing these baby shower invites!


  1. This invitation card is very well. Used two color and its style is very good. Picturing style is very nice, and meaningful.

  2. Thank you for visiting and I appreciate your kind words!