Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aloha Letterpress New Personalized Stationery Pikake or Jasmine Blossoms

Delicate Pikake or Jasmine blossoms are blind debossed (inkless impression) in this set of newly printed letterpress personalized stationery. Hand illustrated and printed on plush 100% cotton cover weight paper. Pikake blossoms are often strung into lei for special occasions or tucked into the hair for a fragrance that perfumes the air.

Princess Kaiulani named these precious flowers after the lovely peacocks in her gardens. If you're ever in a room with someone who is wearing a lei of pikake, you will smell its sweet, intoxicating fragrance.
I especially love the double pikake with its many clustered pearl white petals. Pikake or jasmine blossoms usually are white or yellow, but who says you can't have some luscious tangerine colored ones?

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