Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hello Makana Gifts Anytime of the Year

Hello Makana offers monthly curated, made in Hawaii items.
Makana recently launched their online shop offering unique curated made-in-Hawaii goodies.

Delivered to you with aloha, owners Wei Fang and Kina Mahi feature locally crafted items that will delight you. Experience a taste of Hawaii with Makana's gift boxes.

Thank you to Makana for your support of local artisans, small businesses and family-operated companies. I am honored to have my Aloha Letterpress stationery included in your wonderful offerings.


  1. I'd like to discuss a letterpress project with you. Please call me at 808-264-9614. - Mark

  2. Hi! I found your wonderful blog through the Etsy team. I am now following your blog and have chosen you for the Liebster Award. Go to my blog to get your award and please follow me back : )