Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pretty Poppies Letterpress Stationery

Pretty poppies letterpress stationery personalized with your name with a beautiful script font. These lovely set of cards will evoke the warmth of your thoughts to your family and friends. Each card is hand printed, one card at a time, on my antique printing press on plush 100% cotton cover weight paper for a wonderful impression that you can see and touch!


  1. Your work is beautiful!
    I'd love to learn, but living in Hilo I haven't found any available classes. Did you have your letterpress machines shipped to you from the mainland, or did you find them locally?

  2. Aloha, Eva,
    Thank you! My presses were shipped from the mainland. You might be able to find a press in the mainland but shipping is almost as costly as the press. A large press weighs more than 2,000 lbs with proper wooden crating.