Monday, February 8, 2016

With Aloha Letterpress Printed Cards

 Mountain Apple Bossoms with their delicate tendrils. 
Share some warm aloha with these lovely letterpress printed Hawaii Mountain Apple cards. The folded cards in the top feature `Ohi`a` ai,  Hawaiian mountain apple blossoms. When the ruby red blossoms appear, it is a sign that the fruits will soon follow. After the red tendrils fall, the fruits will grow from the base of the blossoms. In a few months, the luscious red fruits will be juicy and sweet.

Aloha Pineapple Letterpress Cards with Letterpress printed sacks.
These beautiful golden yellow letterpress printed pineapple cards are perfect for sending your aloha or mahalo. This card set is enclosed in a clear box and then tucked into a cotton muslin sack that has also been letterpress printed with a golden yellow pineapple.

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